Saturday, 13 December 2014

The end of week 14

Wow it's nearly Christmas can we really be nearly a third of a way through our course? We have have had a great time.
This week we learnt..
How to create different total looks.
Adam and Wilson are great sports!
Adam and Wilson make great ugly sisters,
Semi permanents last 6/8 shampoos.
What emulsifying means.
We need to attend college more...
Getting our maths and English  quals is important for us to progress.
Lipstick is hard to get off cheeks,
We can get Molly to join in team building.
About staff roles and responsibilities.
How having a good team helps make salons run smoother.
Who to report problems to.
We love Lisa's Christmas jumper.
We do a good job of cleaning the salon after we make a mess!
We can always create something out of nothing.
And it doesn't have to cost.
Semi permanent colours add tone.
They can be used as a colour refresher.
How to make a leaflet.
We are getting a lot of assignments!
We shouldn't hold things in that are bothering us.
We can't wait for next week!

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