Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Monday, 29 September 2014

The end of week 5.

Wow these weeks are flying!
Well they do say time that time flies when your having fun.
Here's what we have learnt this week.

What conditioning massages are.
How to do a 'hot cross bun' section.
How to dry thick hair quicker than I did before.
How nice the massages are.
That you either love or hate the Vibro massager.
Everyone is different and have different feelings.
Short hair is harder to section.
We really enjoyed our trip.
Lisa and Mary are lovely teachers.
That Emma can do great GHD curls now.
More about the hair structure and the hair growth cycle.
That it is hard teaching a class when we tried it ourselves.
That Demi and Kirsty are very competative.
Our teachers notice everything.....

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lunch date for group H1L.

We went out for lunch today in the college Bistro with all our tutors from Hairdressing, English and Maths.
It was nice to talk to them outside of the classrooms and salons. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Our first tutorial. A conditioning treatment

After shampooing the hair,  use a wide toothed comb to comb the hair.

Section the hair into a ' hot cross bun' section. This means from the forehead to the nape and from the crown to behind the ears.  Like this,

Next to apply the conditioner using a tinting brush.

Keeping the sections next and the hair away from the clients face.

Starting at the back sections working towards the front sections.

The massages are next starting with Effleurage, a slow stroking movement, this will relax the client.

Then onto Petrissage, a deep kneading movement to stimulate the blood supply.

You can use a vibro massager if you want.
Here is Adam showing Gena how to use one.

Hot towels were used next. You must squeeze the water out of the towel well so you don't burn the client.

A good rinse to remove all the conditioner before you style the hair.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Conditioning treatments

This week we have been working on conditioning treatments.
Learning how to apply the conditioner. How to massage the head correctly and how to use hot towels and the steamer.

A lovely straight section there Ashley!

All busy applying the conditioner.

In deep concentration blow drying our blocks.

A beautiful blow dry produced by Emma. 

Star of the week!

This week goes to Emily L 
For offering to do her first client and what a good professional service she provided too.
Well done Emily!

Showing Lisa what we know.

We took charge of our theory classes this week. We showed Lisa how much we had learned about the hair and skin structure and the hair growth cycle.

It was a great recap and Lisa said we did really well.

Our first trip! With H1L

We had our first trip this week to Salon Services. We were all excited!

There was lot's to see and find out about.

We got to have our nails done!

Try out lots of new equipment.

Then we were given lucky bags.

And once we got our trade cards, we all went on a spending spree!

We cant wait for our next trip!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Enjoying maths!

We love our Maths class!
Lisa popped in our class today to see how we were all doing. As you can see, it's great!

Friday, 19 September 2014

The end of week 3

This week we have learnt loads!

How to curl short hair,
More about the hair structure,
The higher common factor in maths,
Shakespeare in English,
That acid closes cuticles,
Our bodies are made up of 5 chemicals, CONSH
What COSHH stands for,
Their are 4 main hair types,
We like all our teachers,
All about the hair growth cycle,
About colour pigments,
Not to talk over Lisa, 
How to massage hair,
Short hair is easier to blowdry,
We are getting on well with everyone in our groups
Long hair is easier to blowdry,
Demi, doesnt need to wear her extensions,
How to section for a blowdry,
Drying long hair is hard,
Not to leave college without permission,
How to communicate well, 
To be honest,
What our learning style is,

And finally...
The end of week selfie!

More kits have arrived!

Yeah we are all so excited to unpack and check our new kits!

Shampooing and blowdrying session 2

Feeling more confident with each class, Lisa says our shampooing skills are developing fast! But we are all getting a bit camera shy...apart from the boys

Being able to try different hair types has shown us that some hair is more difficult to blowdry than others. 

Charlotte working on very long hair using the hand dryer in the right direction, concentrating hard.

Leah working with shorter hair.

Zahir making curls.

Look at that for a curl! Well done! Zahir!

Emily even managed to complete her blowdry and make curls using a wand. Lovely.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

YEAH! Our kits have arrived!

How excited we were this morning, our kits have arrived.
We are starting to feel like real hairdressers already.
Here we are helping each other and checking everything. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

At the end of the week.

At the of our first timetabled week at college, Lisa asked us what we had learnt.....
Here's what we said

How to shampoo hair.
What is inside a hair.
How easy things look but how hard they are to do.
Dry your hair with the hair dryer pointing from root to tip.
How to part the hair correctly.
The client has to be comfortable when your shampooing.
What the three layers of the hair are called.
We have Hydrogen bonds.
Extensions are hard to blowdry.
Understand the skin structure.
How to set a trolley up.
What all the equipment is for.
Cuticles look like fish scales.
Everything happens in the cortex.
Disinfect combs before using them.
To be professional in the salon.
Shampoo massages and what they are for.
Polpeptide links!
A lot more about each other.
To try to get on with different personalities.
Everyone has their own problems that we don't always know about.
All about personal protective equipment.

Thats quite a list.

Heres the end of the week selfie!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Skin and hair structure theory

Our first theory lesson.
We learnt just how much is in one single hair.
Amazing really. 
And after an hilarious skin and hair diagram, we took turns at remembering and drawing our own.

Shampooing and Blowdrying session number one

Our first 'proper' practical today.
We had a demonstration of shampooing then got the chance to practise ourselves.

We learnt what the massages are called and put them into practise. 

After a chat about sectioning and blowdrying skills, we started.

Great root to tip airflow Loni! 

Star of the day has to go to Mamoona for a fantastically smoooooooth blowdry.
Look at the shine on that! 
She looks happy too. 
Well done Mamoona.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Personal Protective Equipment!

Today we had a lesson on what all the tools and equipment we use are used for.
When It came to what we use to protect ourselves from chemicals and to follow the Personal Protective Equipment regulations, Zahir offered to demonstrate what to wear...

Well done Zahir! What great team spirit! 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Punk and prom styles

Afternoon on practical induction day was create a punk and a prom style.
One on a team member and one on a block head.
Some of us managed more than two!

Some great backcombing From Emily.

Two very different mohicans from Mamoona and Kirsty.

Two prom styles and two punk styles from team Adam!

A super full costumed punk and prom styles here!
Phew we worked hard!