Thursday, 4 September 2014

The end of induction week

Our tutor Lisa asked us to write down everything we had learnt this week.
Here is what we wrote.

To check through the mirror to see what a style looks like.
How to hide hair grips.
How to use a wand... not a magic one
There are two types of french plaits.
How to backcomb.
How to use curling tongs.
How to make a chair out of balloons!
Where the assembly point is.
How to work as a team.
That I must stop swearing!
How to hide hairbands.
Who to go to if we have any problems.
Where the dispensary is.
How to do a rope plait.
We must always wear our ID badges.
That it is hard work standing up all day.
How to curl hair properly.
Where things are in the college.

Wow if thats in one week, what can we learn in a year!

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