Sunday, 14 September 2014

At the end of the week.

At the of our first timetabled week at college, Lisa asked us what we had learnt.....
Here's what we said

How to shampoo hair.
What is inside a hair.
How easy things look but how hard they are to do.
Dry your hair with the hair dryer pointing from root to tip.
How to part the hair correctly.
The client has to be comfortable when your shampooing.
What the three layers of the hair are called.
We have Hydrogen bonds.
Extensions are hard to blowdry.
Understand the skin structure.
How to set a trolley up.
What all the equipment is for.
Cuticles look like fish scales.
Everything happens in the cortex.
Disinfect combs before using them.
To be professional in the salon.
Shampoo massages and what they are for.
Polpeptide links!
A lot more about each other.
To try to get on with different personalities.
Everyone has their own problems that we don't always know about.
All about personal protective equipment.

Thats quite a list.

Heres the end of the week selfie!

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