Friday, 19 September 2014

The end of week 3

This week we have learnt loads!

How to curl short hair,
More about the hair structure,
The higher common factor in maths,
Shakespeare in English,
That acid closes cuticles,
Our bodies are made up of 5 chemicals, CONSH
What COSHH stands for,
Their are 4 main hair types,
We like all our teachers,
All about the hair growth cycle,
About colour pigments,
Not to talk over Lisa, 
How to massage hair,
Short hair is easier to blowdry,
We are getting on well with everyone in our groups
Long hair is easier to blowdry,
Demi, doesnt need to wear her extensions,
How to section for a blowdry,
Drying long hair is hard,
Not to leave college without permission,
How to communicate well, 
To be honest,
What our learning style is,

And finally...
The end of week selfie!

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