Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The end of week 8 and half terms here.

It's the end of week 8 and our half term break.
What have we learnt this week?

Roller setting hurts thumbs!
Directional and brickwork setting is hard to do.
Emma takes a good photo.
What porous means.
About colour pigments.
We have deadlines to meet.
That we are very professional with clients.
How to set out an assignment.
The layout of a fact sheet.
Dressing out roller set hair into different styles.
That bacteria grows very quickly.
Bacteria and germs are everywhere.
Setting hair in different ways makes different styles.
We like the song bang bang!
We know lots of things on the consultation sheets now.
How to use the till.
Emma should audition for BGT or XFactor next year.
Exams are nerve racking.
How to finger dry.
Who dracula from sesame street is.
Maths and english tests are hard.
All about scales.
How our questionnaires fit into our assignments.

Have a great half term everyone. See you in a week!

Styling with rollers. Part 2. With a halloween twist!

More setting today.
We are really starting to understand the different ways to put rollers in the hair to create a style.

Here we have Emma three heads.

This is the set she is going to copy. A directional set.

She is well underway and doing well.
Unlike JayLeigh.... Here's the halloween blood! Mwwwhhaaaaa!!

She soon managed to complete it though like a real trooper!

And now for the scary head results!


Personal Hygiene, growing bacteria. The Results!!

Last week we swabbed various things and wiped them on petri dishes to see how clean or dirty things can be.
We were shocked at the results and now know how bacteria and germs are everywhere! 

(Names have been removed)

Underneath a finger nail. ARGHHHH

A nail and under a ring! ARGHHHHH

and finally......

From hair and scalp!! ARGHHHHHHHH
What an experiment.
I think know a lot more about bacteria, germs and personal hygiene now and what fun we had doing it!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Styling hair using rollers

After showing our basic setting skills last week. Lisa moved us onto more complicated setting techniques.

Emily did a fantastic brickwork set.

And showed us her poor thumbs after.

Once dried and rollers out, it was ready to dress out.

Emily said she would love to have her hair like this!

Well done Emily, what beautiful waves.

Mamoona chose to try a directional set. 

Which she found harder than she thought.

Look at those curls!

Dressed out and look at that vintage style.
Well done Mamoona.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bonding with our English tutors.

We invited our English tutors to the salons this week. 
They can see us working in our environment instead of the classroom and see how we build English into our sessions.

Rosie who teaches us English functional skills, came in first and ended up so relaxed she nearly fell asleep!

Here some of us are after at the end of the class, looking forward to our English class this afternoon.

Then we had Carmela who teaches some of us with our GCSE English resits.
She has a lot of hair!

But Emily could handle it! Carmela loved her shampoo.

Making sure the air flow direction is correct is really important with Carmelas hair.

Wow look at the result! Well done Emily!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Family and friends day.

Today we put what we had learnt into practise and treated our family and friends to hairdressing service and a hand massage. We think they enjoyed it! I know we did!

The end of week 7.

Wow it's been a busy week this week.
Look at what we have learnt.

How to make conversation with the public.
All about personal Hygiene.
How to gather and use information.
How to improve our speaking and listening skills.
How to roller set.
Roller setting hurts your thumbs.
How Ratios relate to hairdressing.
Riding in the minibus was fun.
That sweat is bacteria poo!
How to blow dry short hair.
Not to get too nervous when asked to do a client.
How to make individual curls smooth.
How to write letters.
More about Romeo and Juliet.
About grammar.
How to complete a style after roller setting.
How to take rejection from the public.
How to approach a stranger.
How to help fine hair feel thicker.
Working on family and friends is harder than a stranger sometimes.
Pin ups

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ratios and Simplifying fractions!

Lisa popped into our Maths class again today.
Joy was teaching us about Ratios which is helping us to understand the ratios needed when we mix colours. 

Maths and hairdressing do mix! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Personal Hygiene. Growing bacteria!

As hairdressers, we need to know all about good Personal Hygiene. 
In theory today we sure did.
We named all the things wrong with this stylist!
We got 24!

After learning all about sweat and bacteria, we got some Petri dishes out to find out just how many germs there are around us. We swabbed and rubbed getting as much as we could.

Here is Emma swabbing her hair and scalp.

We also did.
Clean combs and dirty combs.
Clean hair grips and dirty hairgrips.
Door handles, phones, ID badges, 
Nails, nail varnish, ear rings, 
Our drinks bottle, hands and even our armpits! 

Here they are all done and sealed. Can't wait to see the results next week!

Questionnaires, speaking and listening. Part 2

H1L were very excited to start their questionnaires and soon got into action!

Here is Kirsty in action.

We even met a very well known local hairdresser who helped us.

A very successful day.

Questionnaires, speaking and listening.

A trip to a local town today for us. Armed with the questionnaires we made, clipboards and pens, we set off to ask the public. How clients feel and think about hairdressers with regards to their, personal Hygiene, body language and tone of voice. All part of our 102 unit. 

We felt a little nervous to start with but soon plucked up the courage to go and ask people. Great as a practise for our speaking and listening part of out English assessments too!
Soon we were like pro's and met lot's of people who answered lots of our questions.

As it was a miserable day we decided to discuss our findings over a Costa coffee.

Mary and Zahir had worked up an appetite too.

Here we all are discussing our findings and group bonding too.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Our experience of roller setting.

It was fun to start something new and see what different ways there are to style hair.
We were all eager to start our sets after our demonstration.

We managed a complete set each! Not bad for our first time. We even had time to dry them and produce lots of different styles.

Although some of us found using the rollers a bit painful.

Hairdressing is not as easy as we first thought. It hurts!