Thursday, 23 October 2014

The end of week 8 and half terms here.

It's the end of week 8 and our half term break.
What have we learnt this week?

Roller setting hurts thumbs!
Directional and brickwork setting is hard to do.
Emma takes a good photo.
What porous means.
About colour pigments.
We have deadlines to meet.
That we are very professional with clients.
How to set out an assignment.
The layout of a fact sheet.
Dressing out roller set hair into different styles.
That bacteria grows very quickly.
Bacteria and germs are everywhere.
Setting hair in different ways makes different styles.
We like the song bang bang!
We know lots of things on the consultation sheets now.
How to use the till.
Emma should audition for BGT or XFactor next year.
Exams are nerve racking.
How to finger dry.
Who dracula from sesame street is.
Maths and english tests are hard.
All about scales.
How our questionnaires fit into our assignments.

Have a great half term everyone. See you in a week!

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