Friday, 10 October 2014

The end of week six.

Wow don't these weeks come round quickly!
We have learnt a lot this week and not just about hairdressing.
Take a look

Roller setting hurts your thumbs.
Roller setting is hard.
It's exciting and fun working on clients!
We found out what nits and head lice look like unexpectedly!
That the eggs stay near the scalp.
How to do a fish tail plait.
Doing a client isn't as nerve racking as we thought it would be.
How to do a hand massage
Not to talk about people behind their back.
Doing clients is tiring.
Lisa knows more about Romeo and Juliet than we thought.
It feels good to make someones hair look good.
We hate it when Lisa tells us off. 
All about nail structure and nail shapes
How to look professional.
Hand massages are relaxing.
Peacocks don't lay eggs! 
Honesty is the best policy.
Everyone has different opinions.
That we love our blog.
The difference between a good and bad stylists.
How to produce questionnaires.
That is important to think about how clients feel.
We use maths a lot in hairdressing.
We are getting to know our Maths teacher better.
We enjoy Georginas lessons
We will always get found out if we are late!
To ask first if we NEED to have have our phones on silent in class.
To respect. 

See you next week!

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