Thursday, 16 October 2014

Personal Hygiene. Growing bacteria!

As hairdressers, we need to know all about good Personal Hygiene. 
In theory today we sure did.
We named all the things wrong with this stylist!
We got 24!

After learning all about sweat and bacteria, we got some Petri dishes out to find out just how many germs there are around us. We swabbed and rubbed getting as much as we could.

Here is Emma swabbing her hair and scalp.

We also did.
Clean combs and dirty combs.
Clean hair grips and dirty hairgrips.
Door handles, phones, ID badges, 
Nails, nail varnish, ear rings, 
Our drinks bottle, hands and even our armpits! 

Here they are all done and sealed. Can't wait to see the results next week!

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