Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Styling hair using rollers

After showing our basic setting skills last week. Lisa moved us onto more complicated setting techniques.

Emily did a fantastic brickwork set.

And showed us her poor thumbs after.

Once dried and rollers out, it was ready to dress out.

Emily said she would love to have her hair like this!

Well done Emily, what beautiful waves.

Mamoona chose to try a directional set. 

Which she found harder than she thought.

Look at those curls!

Dressed out and look at that vintage style.
Well done Mamoona.


  1. lisa when does the assements need to be in u never said

    1. I will tell you all when I see you Kelly.
      Happy half term!

  2. I so want to use rollers to same perfection as you did it. I am not good at all in this. Rather I prefer doing hair straightening with flat irons as I find it easy. You made the task of rolling you easy that it seems anyone can do it. But I know it takes practice and hard work.

    1. Thank you, practise does make perfect. Keep trying dont give up!

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