Monday, 20 October 2014

The end of week 7.

Wow it's been a busy week this week.
Look at what we have learnt.

How to make conversation with the public.
All about personal Hygiene.
How to gather and use information.
How to improve our speaking and listening skills.
How to roller set.
Roller setting hurts your thumbs.
How Ratios relate to hairdressing.
Riding in the minibus was fun.
That sweat is bacteria poo!
How to blow dry short hair.
Not to get too nervous when asked to do a client.
How to make individual curls smooth.
How to write letters.
More about Romeo and Juliet.
About grammar.
How to complete a style after roller setting.
How to take rejection from the public.
How to approach a stranger.
How to help fine hair feel thicker.
Working on family and friends is harder than a stranger sometimes.
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