Thursday, 30 April 2015

It's all coming together.

Another week nearer our competition and we are in full swing.

Colouring, cutting, painting, setting, creating our world book looks.
Can you guess what they are going to be?

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Fun in theory

We thought that Health and Safety was going to be boring but actually it was fun!

We were looking at Hazards that we can find in salons. We had a bit of competitiveness finding them all on the board.

Then we settled down looking at the risks they make and how we can lower them.

Lisa tested us on how much we had learnt. We were fab, of course!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Loving Wamedu

We were asked to pilot a new educational app called WAMedu to see what we thought about it.
Its a bit like facebook but safer for teachers to keep in contact with students. 

Our verdict?........ We love it! 
As a teacher, its lovely to know that your students have enjoyed their day at college.

And for the students to know how well they have done.

This can be done as a private message or on the 'wall'

The students can show you their creations they have done at home too

You can create your own groups so group members can 'talk' to each other 

And also for fun things.....

Its a great tool and free too! 
The students do seem to use it a bit like facebook, since I've been writing this post, I have had 4 notifications and thats at 8pm in the evening!
I even messaged a student this morning to see where they were. They answered to say they were on their way, they missed the bus. Very handy!
As its getting towards the end of the academic year I am excited to see how well it will be used from September. 
Ill keep you posted....

Friday, 24 April 2015

It's all getting rather exciting!

We have started preparations for our hairdressing competition this week. 
The theme is world book day. We have to produce a look from a book on our blockheads but we are allowed to make our own accessories to enhance our look.
The salon has been more like an arts and crafts room but we have had a great time.
Lisa brought lots of things from her home for us to use and between recycling and the art department  we have managed to make some great things.

An amazing hat for cat in the hat made by Kara.

Wilson's Avatar scenery involved a trip round the college collecting greenery and lots of glue.
A bit of teamwork with Adam too.

Jayleigh set herself a little arts and crafts area for making an under the sea for her Ariel.
Never seen her so quiet! 

Lots of great work going on.
Watch out for next week to see the progress.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Badminton? Why not!

Team building today was Badminton, much to Mary's delight!

We all got very competitive but didn't fall out once!
These team building sessions have been so beneficial, we really feel we have grown as a group.
Even though some of us still won't have a group photo!

Wonder what we will be doing next time??? 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Loni's English presentation.

Loni did her English presentation this week. She was so proud of it, she did it again for us in tutorial. 
Well done Loni! 

Friday, 17 April 2015

We dont make mistakes! just happy little accidents.

I saw this on the HJi blog and had to share it with you.
Number 12 is my favourite. What's yours?

12 Cringeworthy Mistakes You Made in Hairdressing School

12 Cringeworthy Mistakes You Made in Hairdressing School
Mistakes are all part of the fun of hairdressing school and always teach you a valuable lesson – here are some of the funniest that you shared with us on Facebook.

1. “The clipper grade fell off and instead of a Grade 4, he got a Grade 0 strip right down middle of head! Whoops… Glad it was my dad!” Krysia

2. ”A lady got wet when being shampooed, so we put her top in the drier and put a gown over her. Unbeknown to the stylist, following her cut, he promptly whipped the gown off to leave the poor lady sitting in just her bra! Hysterical!” Kathryn

3. “I forgot to put the perm neutraliser on one side of the head. She came back the next day with one side straight and other with beautiful curls! It looked like a perm the day before… She wasn’t very impressed but what do you expect for $10!” Christine

4. “I was busy rinsing a perm when one of the rollers fell out with all the hair still nicely wrapped around it! Had to keep my poise and the client never found it. Luckily it was only that one roller!” Annette

5. ”I cut off the top of a clients ear slicing through a crop. She sneezed! Not my fault!” Christine

6. “My gum fell out of my mouth while washing hair. Landed right on his forehead – luckily he found it funny.” Tania

7. “Did a great perm at collage then started cutting and I cut the lot off! Well, she did say short after all!” Angela

8. “As I went to the reception for a client to pay for the cut I’d just done, I noticed she still had a long hair on her face. As I went to wipe it off her I realised it was attached.” Leanne

9. “I didn’t know what OAP prices meant. When the clients come to paying, I would ask every single one if they paid OAP prices! I thought it was a VIP type of thing.” Laura

10. “Used the highlight formula as the base and the base in the scattered foil. Hmm, that was not a happy client.” Angie

11. “Shaved a guys mole off in his neck hair… What more can I say? Blood everywhere. He still came back ‘cos liked his hair!” Paula

12. “I cut a man’s combover off! He asked for a little off and about 5″ fell to the floor when I only cut about 1″! He was patting the top of his head and yelling at me, and didn’t pay. The next day, a lady came in to pay for his cut and gave me an extra $33. When I asked what it was for, she said it was a dollar for every year she had been trying to get him to cut the damn thing off.” Whitley

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Who is this man?

He looks like Adam, he talks like Adam but he doesn't cut like Adam!

Adam won't mind me saying that when it came down to cutting hair, he struggled.
Sectioning wasn't his strong point which then made the cut hard to follow.

Well today that changed. Adam ( unless he had a double to stand in for him) did a uniform layered haircut brilliantly!  Lovely clean sections and correct angles. 

We kept joking about whether or not this was the real Adam. But I'm sure it is.
Well done Adam. So proud of you for your perseverance and determination. 
You rock! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Taking it up a notch.

Today we took it up a notch. We are nearing the end of our level one and need to think about level two.
Lisa set us a challenge. 
To complete a uniform layered cut from start to finish or complete a full head of foils and be timed doing it.

Lisa and Mary said they had never known us be so quiet. 

Congratulations to Emily and Becky who completed a full head of foils in .......
ONE HOUR. An excellent effort. 

And Leah did and excellent uniformed layered which would easily pass a level two assessment! 

Lisa and Mary were extremely proud tutors today. 

Your choice!

What would YOU like to practise was the theme this week.
Cutting, foiling blow drying and plaiting were chosen by the first group who decided that these were the areas they wanted to gain more confidence in.

Excellent technique from Leah.

P.P.E all present and correct!

Such concentration Mamoona.

Rosie's cutting.

You all worked really hard. Well done!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Working hard

We had lots of clients to work on this week.
It was just like working in a busy salon. Lisa is preparing us for our level two programme we think...

Consultations are always first!

Next the shampooing.

Men's blow dries

Plaits, twists and temporary colours.

Phew we are ready for anything now!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter gift for Adam

And the most improved student this term is??????
He has improved on 
his sectioning, remembered his bag, his blow drying skills and plaiting techniques.

Well done Adam enjoy your little Easter chick!