Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Loving Wamedu

We were asked to pilot a new educational app called WAMedu to see what we thought about it.
Its a bit like facebook but safer for teachers to keep in contact with students. 

Our verdict?........ We love it! 
As a teacher, its lovely to know that your students have enjoyed their day at college.

And for the students to know how well they have done.

This can be done as a private message or on the 'wall'

The students can show you their creations they have done at home too

You can create your own groups so group members can 'talk' to each other 

And also for fun things.....

Its a great tool and free too! 
The students do seem to use it a bit like facebook, since I've been writing this post, I have had 4 notifications and thats at 8pm in the evening!
I even messaged a student this morning to see where they were. They answered to say they were on their way, they missed the bus. Very handy!
As its getting towards the end of the academic year I am excited to see how well it will be used from September. 
Ill keep you posted....

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