Friday, 17 April 2015

We dont make mistakes! just happy little accidents.

I saw this on the HJi blog and had to share it with you.
Number 12 is my favourite. What's yours?

12 Cringeworthy Mistakes You Made in Hairdressing School

12 Cringeworthy Mistakes You Made in Hairdressing School
Mistakes are all part of the fun of hairdressing school and always teach you a valuable lesson – here are some of the funniest that you shared with us on Facebook.

1. “The clipper grade fell off and instead of a Grade 4, he got a Grade 0 strip right down middle of head! Whoops… Glad it was my dad!” Krysia

2. ”A lady got wet when being shampooed, so we put her top in the drier and put a gown over her. Unbeknown to the stylist, following her cut, he promptly whipped the gown off to leave the poor lady sitting in just her bra! Hysterical!” Kathryn

3. “I forgot to put the perm neutraliser on one side of the head. She came back the next day with one side straight and other with beautiful curls! It looked like a perm the day before… She wasn’t very impressed but what do you expect for $10!” Christine

4. “I was busy rinsing a perm when one of the rollers fell out with all the hair still nicely wrapped around it! Had to keep my poise and the client never found it. Luckily it was only that one roller!” Annette

5. ”I cut off the top of a clients ear slicing through a crop. She sneezed! Not my fault!” Christine

6. “My gum fell out of my mouth while washing hair. Landed right on his forehead – luckily he found it funny.” Tania

7. “Did a great perm at collage then started cutting and I cut the lot off! Well, she did say short after all!” Angela

8. “As I went to the reception for a client to pay for the cut I’d just done, I noticed she still had a long hair on her face. As I went to wipe it off her I realised it was attached.” Leanne

9. “I didn’t know what OAP prices meant. When the clients come to paying, I would ask every single one if they paid OAP prices! I thought it was a VIP type of thing.” Laura

10. “Used the highlight formula as the base and the base in the scattered foil. Hmm, that was not a happy client.” Angie

11. “Shaved a guys mole off in his neck hair… What more can I say? Blood everywhere. He still came back ‘cos liked his hair!” Paula

12. “I cut a man’s combover off! He asked for a little off and about 5″ fell to the floor when I only cut about 1″! He was patting the top of his head and yelling at me, and didn’t pay. The next day, a lady came in to pay for his cut and gave me an extra $33. When I asked what it was for, she said it was a dollar for every year she had been trying to get him to cut the damn thing off.” Whitley

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