Thursday, 7 May 2015

So creative

The groups are far to busy to blog themselves, so left it up to me.
I can't believe how hard they are all working and how competitive they are getting.
Things are starting to come together but with only one more day in the salon to practise, it's going to be down to them to practise at home. 
See below how things are coming together. I'm so excited for them all and think they all deserve to win.

Beware Batman! The jokers about in Gotham City. Amazing Emily

It's the circle of life.  Well done Demi

Great patience from Wilson. That Avatar looks fab!

Lots of 'waves' from Mamoona. What could this be?

Zahir's and little in love with his Minnie Mouse. Don't tell Mickey!

That mad hatter is looking crazy Leah.

I can wait to see them all completed on the night.
Which one is your favourite?


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. The students were made up someone had commented. Watch this space to see who won!