Friday, 8 May 2015

What have we learnt about ourselves?

We cant actually believe how these weeks at college are flying by.
Most of us have completed our assignments and just have a few final assessments to do. And the competition of course!

The things we have learnt are becoming more than our hairdressing knowledge we are becoming different people. Little did we realise when we started this programme that we would grow so much in ourselves. 
Some of us have never completed anything in our lives until now. 

So a different question was asked this week.
What have we learnt about ourselves?

To hold our temper,
Not swear in places we shouldn't
Take responsiblity for our actions.
Have 'better' timekeeping.
Realise honesty IS the best policy.
We are responsible for our own equipment.
How to act professonally
To work as a team
We are doing this to get a job.
To mind our own business
To get along with people even if you dont really like them.
Sharing is caring haha
That we can complete something.
We are going to miss Lisa. A lot!
That I will have a City and Guilds
How to BLOG!!
We dont always like our photos taken! Especially if it shows our chins.
How to meet deadlines.
College can be fun. So can Health and Safety.
We can create things we never thought we could.

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