Friday, 22 May 2015

We know how your feeling. Don't worry

I asked some of the students I had on level one last year to tell this years students how they felt last year at this time and what level two is like.

Here is what they said.
Q. How did you feel about moving on to level two? 

'Last year at this time we felt really nervous and panicky about the group changing and who we were going to have as our tutor. We thought the students in the other group were stuck up ( they aren't) 

Q. What did you feel like when you started in September?

We felt a bit on edge. It soon calmed down when we got put into groups and team building sessions helped us settle in. 

Q. What's level two like?

Doing your first clients is scary but it's okay as long as you remember everything you were taught in level one. It comes back to you. 
It's not as hard as you might expect, you do get to feel more comfortable with the clients and there are no assignments! But make sure you revise for the exams as they are hard.
It goes quickly because your busy doing clients. 
We all get along well, we feel more mature now and are starting to feel like real hairdressers!

Thank you, Lauren, Sheri and Saman.
I'm sure they will feel better now. 

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