Sunday, 30 November 2014

The end of week 12

What have we learnt this week?

How to apply temporary colours.
How many different temporary colours there are.
How to stencil.
How to use chalks.
How to use them in a style.
The advantages and disadvantages of temporary colours.
The primary colours.
The secondary colours.
How many colours you can make out of 3 colours.
How the opposite colours neutralise each other.
What is involved in making a total look.
That there are lots of different themes to choose from.
We can't wait to start doing themed work.
All about the nails.
Wilson and maybe Emma are going to audition for our college talent competition!
All about nail shapes.
How to get blow dries smoother.
Working as a team is fun!
We are learning to work with each other.
What onscalp and off scalp plaits are.
We have got another assignment to do.
We know how to make a stylebook.
We are great at getting ourselves out of a human knot!

Another busy week.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Practising teamwork.

After last weeks bickering in the class, Lisa decided to treat us all to some team building fun.
She called in the help of Alexis who soon had us tied up in knots working as a team to undo ourselves.

Then throwing hoola hoops over and round each other!

Dishes and domes was great fun and we were soon laughing our heads off, forgetting any past arguments.


We had such a good time we are doing it again next week!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Painting the colour star!

A bit of colour theory today, all about the colour star.

We didn't realise that all colours are made up from the three primary colours.
But we soon got to know how and what better way than to make our own colours!

Primary colours done

Then we mixed the primary colours to make secondary colours.
It was great fun!

We now know about neutralising colours and just how many different colours you can make and how they relate to the international colour chart used in hairdressing.
We even made painting to prove it! 

All from three colours. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Our first taste of colour!

We learnt all about temporary colours today. 

Besides mousses there are mascaras, chalks, gels, sprays.

First we used a mousse to test our applying skills.

Some of us were a bit messy! 
We didnt expect the mousse to come out so quickly or stain as soon as it does. 
Good job we wore our personal protective equipment. 

Next we created a pin up added some colour using mascaras, gels and chalks.

Dots for Rosie

Well done Kelly

Lisa showed us how to create and spray a stencil on the hair. Getting into the festive spirit!
A christmas tree!

Mamoona even added christmas baubles!

Beautiful rolls and a bow from Ashley!

A red heart plait from Kirsty

A stylish creation from Demi

A super coloured fishtail from Charlotte

All stripes from Jayleigh

A great days work and good fun too!

And of course can't forget Zahir and his fab creation and his blue gloves.

Monday, 24 November 2014

One for the boys!

For Adam, Zahir and Wilson.
If you don't see why you have to learn how to do longer hair, take a look at this link!
Mens hair trend

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The end of week 11

We learnt not just about hairdressing this week but a lot about ourselves.
How to do a vertical roll
How to backcomb.
Why we back comb.
How to pin curl.
Kirsty has nice hair.
Ashley can keep secrets.
Kara has lovely dimples.
Jayleigh doesnt hold a grudge.
How to do a high pin up.
All about different mens hairstyles.
What an on scalp plait it.
That a twist can be a vertical roll.
A vertical roll is also a french pleat.
Lisa did one for the royal garden party.
ADAM IS A DAD!!! Congratulations Adam!
We did really well with our assignments.
How to create a hair up with a plait and a twist.
What the curl formers look like when they are dry.
It gets hot in the laundry.
You have to stay calm on reception.
Adam is funny.
Molly and Charlotte are admired for keeping themselves to themselves.
Wilson knows some new dance moves call roll the roller and twist the roll.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Teamwork takes a combined effort

Every class has different personalities, some strong, some loud, some quiet.
When similar personalities are with each other day in day out it can cause friction.
This was getting to be the case with us and today it hopefully came to an end.

Lisa told us she had had enough of our bickering and that we needed to sort ourselves out!

She told us she wanted us to think, while we were working of one thing we like about each person in the group. At first we didn't think we could do it but by the end of the session we all sat down and did it with surprising results. 
We found out things we never expected to and had a great discussion about it all.
We think we are going to get on a lot better in future!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Vertical rolls!

Today was vertical roll day.
We weren't sure what to expect, but we soon found out.
Here is what we started with.

Next, Lisa showed us how to backcomb

Then how to smooth one side and where to put the grips.

Smoothing the other side.

Now for the tricky bit! The twist!

Holding it in quickly! Get those pins!

Pin into position.
Oh the concentration! Mamoona

And viola... Well it is known as a 'French' pleat as well...

Another style to add to our portfolio!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Curl formers!

On one of our trips Beccy bought some of these, 
Curl formers!
We decided to have a go and see how they were to use. They were quite easy to out in once you got the hang of it.

Here are the results! What do you think? 

Practising all we have learnt!

Lisa asked us today to tell her all the styling methods that we have learnt over the last few weeks.
When we wrote it on the board we were surprised about how much we had learnt.
Our task today was to choose 3 of those techniques and create them on one head, either on each other or our blocks.
Here are some before photos.


And after!!

And Mamoona chose to work on her block head and created this!

Didnt we do well!