Monday, 10 November 2014

The end of week 9

My how these weeks are flying!

We have learnt loads this week.
How to use products.
How to hold a pair of scissors correctly
That the finger hold comes off if you want it to.
Which products to use on wet or dry hair.
How many different product there are.
That scissors are REALLY sharp!
How to do a one length cut.
What a dressing cream is.
How to do a Manicure correctly.
How to do a waterfall plait.
How to french plait at last!
We like hair better than beauty.
All the different brands of products.
What a difference products make to a hairstyle.
How to start a pin-up when the hair is straight.
How to get the most out of hair when your pinning it up.
How to do Twists.
That the woman on you tube called kirby grips 'bobby' pins which made us all laugh.
Afro carribean hair is easier to plait.
Emma would be great on Xfactor!!

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