Saturday, 15 November 2014

The end of week 10

After a manic last day with children in need.
Here's what we learnt this week!

How there are lots of different ways to style hair, 
how to create a really high pin up.
We look silly in our onesies!
Onesies are too hot to wear in college.
How to pin curl,
What effect they have on the hair.
Which famous people have pincurls.
How to hand our assignments in on time.
We want Lisa to mark them, NOW!
How to do strangers hair and not be scared
All about different products at Alan Howards.
About the colour numbering system.
How to shave hair using clippers,
When some things look hard they can be easier than you think.
Everyone has personal stuff going on that can make them react to things differently than you expected.
How to use a wand.
How to do a mean pin up.
How to do a fish tail plait.
What finger drying is.
That we enjoy making posters.
To get out of college quickly, when there is a fire drill.

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