Sunday, 30 November 2014

The end of week 12

What have we learnt this week?

How to apply temporary colours.
How many different temporary colours there are.
How to stencil.
How to use chalks.
How to use them in a style.
The advantages and disadvantages of temporary colours.
The primary colours.
The secondary colours.
How many colours you can make out of 3 colours.
How the opposite colours neutralise each other.
What is involved in making a total look.
That there are lots of different themes to choose from.
We can't wait to start doing themed work.
All about the nails.
Wilson and maybe Emma are going to audition for our college talent competition!
All about nail shapes.
How to get blow dries smoother.
Working as a team is fun!
We are learning to work with each other.
What onscalp and off scalp plaits are.
We have got another assignment to do.
We know how to make a stylebook.
We are great at getting ourselves out of a human knot!

Another busy week.

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