Saturday, 22 November 2014

The end of week 11

We learnt not just about hairdressing this week but a lot about ourselves.
How to do a vertical roll
How to backcomb.
Why we back comb.
How to pin curl.
Kirsty has nice hair.
Ashley can keep secrets.
Kara has lovely dimples.
Jayleigh doesnt hold a grudge.
How to do a high pin up.
All about different mens hairstyles.
What an on scalp plait it.
That a twist can be a vertical roll.
A vertical roll is also a french pleat.
Lisa did one for the royal garden party.
ADAM IS A DAD!!! Congratulations Adam!
We did really well with our assignments.
How to create a hair up with a plait and a twist.
What the curl formers look like when they are dry.
It gets hot in the laundry.
You have to stay calm on reception.
Adam is funny.
Molly and Charlotte are admired for keeping themselves to themselves.
Wilson knows some new dance moves call roll the roller and twist the roll.