Sunday, 28 December 2014

College talent show

After the auditions came the talent show.
Demi, Jayleigh and Wilson made it through to the show! Well done guys I'm so proud of you!

They were all feeling a bit nervous beforehand but the rest of the team and half the college came to watch the show which was organised by the student hub.

Nine acts performed.

Who knew we had such a talented bunch at Nelson and Colne College college!
Singers pianists and dancers

Wilson did us proud and came joint first!

Well done Wilson and the rest of our fabulous teams. I am a very proud tutor.

Hope your enjoying your Christmas break.


Friday, 19 December 2014

Some of your best bits from September to December

Well done everyone for a fantastic first term. You have all worked really hard and made me a very proud tutor. Have a wonderful time off ( doing your assignments hehe )
HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! See you all in the new year
And as Xfactor would say... Here's some of your best bits! 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

More total looks!

Wilson created a total look on Adam using temporary spray and coloured chalks to create a great look

Well done Adam and Wilson

Next was Charlottes look created by Demi

Some very creative work going on with a lot of concentration.

Make up being applied.

And the end result!
Well done Ladies
Ashley was being malificent for Molly.

Plenty of back combing needed

Ashley trying to look evil.
Well done ladies

Frozen princess (ELSA) total look

Jayleigh used hair extensions to make Kirsty's hair longer 

she then did a fishtail plait like princess Elsa. 

We back combed the top of her hair and placed on the tiara. We added glitter butterflies to the sides of the hair and threw the plait. 
And to finish the total look she wore a long sparkling blue dress with silver sparkling shoes. :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

005 Total looks with colour.

The real thing for our assessments this time! 

Here are some before and afters

Waiting for Santa
Eid celebrations

Hawaiian girl
Eid celebrations

Ice princess
Bad Santa
Sandy from Grease
Vintage look

And a group photo!

It's hard work creating total looks.

And of course a bit of fun along the way!

Well done everyone!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The end of week 14

Wow it's nearly Christmas can we really be nearly a third of a way through our course? We have have had a great time.
This week we learnt..
How to create different total looks.
Adam and Wilson are great sports!
Adam and Wilson make great ugly sisters,
Semi permanents last 6/8 shampoos.
What emulsifying means.
We need to attend college more...
Getting our maths and English  quals is important for us to progress.
Lipstick is hard to get off cheeks,
We can get Molly to join in team building.
About staff roles and responsibilities.
How having a good team helps make salons run smoother.
Who to report problems to.
We love Lisa's Christmas jumper.
We do a good job of cleaning the salon after we make a mess!
We can always create something out of nothing.
And it doesn't have to cost.
Semi permanent colours add tone.
They can be used as a colour refresher.
How to make a leaflet.
We are getting a lot of assignments!
We shouldn't hold things in that are bothering us.
We can't wait for next week!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Team building works!

Our last team building session before Christmas. It's been good fun and has really helped our group forms bonds with each other and help to understand each other better.
Here's a few pictures from today.

We look forward to doing more things hopefully in the new year!

Christmas total looks. Part 2

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the salons! And we got into the Christmas spirit today!!

Especially the boys!

The best ugly sisters ever!
Adam and Wilson

Santa and his hat losing elf!
Demi and Kirsty

Rudolph and the Christmas tree
Molly and Ashley

The ghost of Christmas past and Mother Christmas 
Charlotte and Jay Leigh

What a team!!  Well done everyone.

Christmas total looks

This weeks theme was Christmas!
What fun we had.

And look at the results

Zahirs Santa!

Mamoona as a festive tree.

Rosie's a present!

Becky elf!

Leah's modern mummy Christmas.

Emily's cheeky angel! 

The full cast

Well done! Everyone.