Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Learning how to style hair using rollers. Step by step tutorial.

We started something new today, how to style the hair using rollers instead of a hair dryer and brushes.
We had a step by step demonstration.

Take a section sized slightly less than the size of your roller. Comb and hold up 90 degrees from the scalp. Thats where the Maths comes in!

Making sure we wrap the ends of the hair smoothly round the roller, wind it down towards the scalp using our thumbs to keep the hair smooth. Wind down parallel to the scalp.

Once the ends are secure, hold the ends of the roller and wind down to the scalp keeping it parrallel.

Now it will 'sit' on it's own base!

Secure with a pin.

Make your next section. Keeping it neat and to the roller size.

Comb to ensure a smooth set and use rollers in same way.

All rollers shoud be touching each other.

Like this.

Once complete cover with a setting net and place under heat.

Once the hair is COMPLETELY dry ( remember those hydrogen bonds!)  the rollers can be removed.

Watch out for our next blog post to see how we all did!

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