Friday, 26 September 2014

Our first tutorial. A conditioning treatment

After shampooing the hair,  use a wide toothed comb to comb the hair.

Section the hair into a ' hot cross bun' section. This means from the forehead to the nape and from the crown to behind the ears.  Like this,

Next to apply the conditioner using a tinting brush.

Keeping the sections next and the hair away from the clients face.

Starting at the back sections working towards the front sections.

The massages are next starting with Effleurage, a slow stroking movement, this will relax the client.

Then onto Petrissage, a deep kneading movement to stimulate the blood supply.

You can use a vibro massager if you want.
Here is Adam showing Gena how to use one.

Hot towels were used next. You must squeeze the water out of the towel well so you don't burn the client.

A good rinse to remove all the conditioner before you style the hair.

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