Monday, 29 September 2014

The end of week 5.

Wow these weeks are flying!
Well they do say time that time flies when your having fun.
Here's what we have learnt this week.

What conditioning massages are.
How to do a 'hot cross bun' section.
How to dry thick hair quicker than I did before.
How nice the massages are.
That you either love or hate the Vibro massager.
Everyone is different and have different feelings.
Short hair is harder to section.
We really enjoyed our trip.
Lisa and Mary are lovely teachers.
That Emma can do great GHD curls now.
More about the hair structure and the hair growth cycle.
That it is hard teaching a class when we tried it ourselves.
That Demi and Kirsty are very competative.
Our teachers notice everything.....

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