Sunday, 2 August 2015

40 reasons to go back to work....

It may sound funny to title this '40 reasons to go back to work but every year I start the summer holidays with the " Awwww I so need to recharge my batteries." Then I go to the "this year I might try this and I could do that this year.
 To the "oh my!!! Where did summer go? I'm not sure I can face going back yet! I'm not ready".

So..I sat in my garden and thought about as many reason as I could as to why I go back year after year. I managed 40! 
A number I didn't think I would reach at the beginning. And now? Well I'm excited again.

These are in no particular order just the order they came into my mind. They may help you too? How many can you think of?

40 reasons to go back to work.

1) for the first day butterflies (for everyone) and the sight of all the new faces that will soon become ones I will remember, maybe forever.

2) for the staff room laughter when other teachers share stories.

3) for the pure energy and excitement you can see written all over a students face when showing you a piece of work they are really proud of.

4) for a staffroom with unlimited tea and coffee. (and cake!)

5) when hearing "mum"! then turning around to an embarrassed red face asking for help (quite a compliment really).

6) stepping back to view your class working and realising the last hour was worth it.

7) for fridays.

8) for all of the things the students think its quite okay to say out loud!! 

9) for meeting the parents and seeing how proud they are of their children. 

10) for staff rooms full of Sue Hartleys.

11) for being able to share experiences.

12) for always having something good to say when non-teachers ask what you got up to today.

13) for being an entertainer every day. 

14) for how quickly and willing the students suddenly are to tidy up when you tell them its nearly home time.

15) for 
the wet eyes and cheeks and you can so easily dry with a few words.

16) for the few easy students that never make a fuss.

17) for the fussy ones that you strangely miss when they are absent for the day.

18) for the tears, the tantrums and triumphs.( that should be three!)

19) for the change you see in your students over the weeks, becoming more mature,
 professional and confident individuals.

20) for those days with more drama than the Entire world!

21) For moments, sometimes only moments of triumphs!

22)  for when that light bulb just lights up inside their heads!

23) for the invention of the travel mug - getting us all through the last week before half term.

24) for the very necessary half term breaks.

25) for you tube music playlists that keep me "down with the kids"

26) for a job where the smile of one student can on the most cold and darkest days keep you going.

27) because spending a good hour in Hobby Craft is more acceptable as a teacher.

28) for those unintentional rude misspellings.. And thats just me...

29) for continuing to learn about new things and understanding those bits that you found hard by teaching them to your students in a new way.

30) for the moments when a struggling student has a breakthrough.

31) for reaching milestones that shows hard work definitely pays off, for teacher and for students.

32) for singing, singing and more 
Christmas singing! I can because I'm a teacher!

33) for working with very supportive, like minded people.

34) for cool college day 

35) for the student's who tell bad jokes and the ones that make you cry laughing.

36) for the look on a student's face when they show you something they are proud of.  Priceless and lovely to see.

37) for Notes like this..

38) for even more excuses to spend all evening scanning Pinterest.

39) for realising how great the job is when farewells happen.

40) for remembering the good bits, ready to start it all again.

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