Thursday, 21 January 2016

Total looks part one

Today we had our assessments for creating a total look from head to toes.

Amy was creating a sleepyhead look on Ella
The hair was fishtail plaited and the whole look finished with a cuddly toy.

Chloe created a going into town shopping look on Holly

Curling her her and applying day makeup. The look was finished off with a flower in her hair.

Next it was Hollys turn 

Plenty of crimping going on to complete a lunch date look on Chloe.

Georgina brought her prom dress in for Jade to create a prom look.

Jade curled and pinned Georgina her beautifully

Here she is ready for the ball.

Amy also had her hair curled by Ella for a prom look using her prom dress too.

They all passed their assessments! Well done everyone. More to come soon!

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