Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to do a conditioning treatment.

Today we did conditioning treatments. Here is how to do it.

Section the hair into four ( a hot cross bun section) using Maths! 

Get your tinting bowl and brush and of course conditioner.
Estimate how much you will need. There's the maths again! 

Apply he conditioner. Make sure you wear gloves and an apron for personal protection.

Until it is all covered.

Next the massages.
 Oops we forgot to take a photo of this so we got this one of Lisa instead.

Next it's the hot towels. Ouch these were HOT

Squeeze that water out James!

Nice and relaxing

Then a good rinse is needed to get rid of all the conditioner.

And finally the blow dry to finish the treatment off.

Feels lovely and soft now. 

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  1. these sorts of treatment are appreciated and needs to be carried out by professionals.