Friday, 13 February 2015

Half term is here!

It's been a very busy term with lots of things going on.
Here is some of the things we have learnt his week.

How to communicate with new people.
More about reception duties.
We have 2 assignments to do for half term, thanks Lisa! 
We can host a great event. ( blog post to follow) 
We can work under pressure.
Kirsty makes a great Goth.
We can do so much more than we thought we could.
The effects of damaged hair.
Even rubbing your hair damages it.
Wilson is wishing he hadn't had a perm now.
We all damage our hair.
We know why it is important to find out what damage a client has to her hair.
Our blog is getting famous!
How to improve our confidence. 
We love our blog.
We get on with people in the other group.
About skin testing.
What an incompatibility test is.
Lisa is always there for us.
What a porosity test is testing for.
Ratios. For incompatibility tests.
What a strand test is.
What development time means.
So much good stuff.

Happy half term everyone!

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