Friday, 27 February 2015

The end of week 19

These weeks are flying by.
Here is what we have learnt this week.

How to do a uniform layered cut
It is done at a 90 degree angle.
Ashley was 4 marks off a C in Maths! Well done Ashley nearly there!
One side of the cut is easier to do than the other.
Its frustrating when you cant do it.
Its hard talking to the public
We know how to work our way up in hairdressing.
All about renting chairs and 50/50
We were inspired by our guest speaker.
Feel more confident about talking to people.
How to plan for an exam.
What different colours look like.
Mamoona has completed 5 units! Well done Mamoona!
We did really well with our questionnaires.
Lisa likes the shaun the sheep happy meal toy,
We cant wait to use our new temporary colours and products.
How to submit an assignment to moodle.

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