Saturday, 10 January 2015

The end of week 15

Well a very busy start to the new year!
This week we have learnt..

The nine section technique.
How many foils in a full head. 
How to French last!
Sections should be about 5mm which is half a centimetre.
Reception duties.
That P.L.E.A.S.E. helps you with customer service.
Curling with a wand.
And straighteners.
How to weave!
Telephone questioning.
The confidence I didn't think I had to put foils in.
To barrel curl with pincurls
Flat pin curling better than I did.
How to react using body language.
Wilson has cool hair
What items are on a reception desk.
English assessments in 1st and 3rd person are easy!
What closed and open questions are.
How we use them.
When to use them.
A Dutch plait!! Yeahhhh
Ashley gets angry when she can't do something then is happy when she can.
We can do dodgeball for team building yeahhhh
We organised our end of year trip.


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