Sunday, 18 January 2015

The end of week 16

Another busy week. Here is what we have learnt.

How to do a one length cut.
How to hold scissors.
How to create volume in a one length blow dry.
How to impress Lisa.
How to raise above childishness.
That everyone in the class has some skin or hair infections.
Different size sections for different hair types.
Not to put tension round the ears.
Non infectious means you can't catch it.
There are 8 types of Alopecia.
How to hand assignments in on time.
What happens when we don't...
We have completed 13 assignments now!
There are lots of skin infections.
What to do if a client has an infection.
Sebaceous cysts are horrible!
Kirsty thinks she has all the conditions!
We are a bit nearer sorting models out for the Sophie Lancaster event. 
We can't wait to do some more cutting next week!

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