Sunday, 25 January 2015

The end of week 17

We learnt lots this week!
All about bacterial infections.
What a virus is.
What infections look like.
What a head louse looks like under a microscope.
How to cut a layered cut.
What 180 degrees looks like.
Remembered about one length cutting.
What a layered cut can be styled like.
Head lice can't jump!
A nit is the egg.
They stick to the hair.
A wart is a virus.
What a fungal infection is.
What to do if a client has headline.
Don't panic.
We behaved really well this week.
Lisa is a fab teacher.
What the life cycle of a head louse is.
We itch when we talk about head lice.
We hope we don't come across any of these.
We all have or know someone that has all of the infections.

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