Friday, 6 March 2015

Backstage at Coronation Street

We all went to the Granada studios Coronation Street tour this week.

We are completing a unit all about different career opportunities and looking behind the scenes at the hair and make up was one career option we wanted to look at.
Although we werent allowed to take photographs inside, what we saw was brilliant!

The dressing rooms with Rita and Hildas rollers just taken out and hairspray at the ready. 

Then we went to the hair and make up area where the stars get made up. It can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes each to have their hair styled depending on who is having what done.
Most of the characters use their own hair, sometimes they have extensions and only occasionally wigs are used.  

Everything from setting to tonging and blowdrying is used and photos have to be taken everytime incase the filming goes over a few days they have to make it exactly the same! 

Roy and Norris only taking 15 minutes and Rita taking 45 minutes. With over 50 cast members we could see that there would be quite a bit of pressure to get it right everyday! Some of us could see ourselves in this job role! 
We thought that was fab and really wanted to take some photos!

Later we got to go out onto the actual street where we could take them. What fun we had!!

Here we are outside Audreys hair salon.

Lisa calling in on Tyrone.

Good job he didnt answer!

The three wise monkeys star again.

If Zahir ruins another one of Beckys photos, he might be in trouble!

Kirsty and Kara recreate a scene on the back street!

And we all recreating Tinas death fall scene!

Wilson couldnt resist a bit of street dancing outside the Kabin

Trying to be extras...

Lisa and Mary hiding in the Kabin

And finally..
Enjoying a pint at the Rovers!

A great morning out. We had a great time and learnt what its like to work backstage.

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