Friday, 20 March 2015

Using a streaking cap.

We have been dying ( get it? Dyeing) to colour our block heads. Now we have completed our first uniform layer it was time to show us how to produce some capped highlights.
After demonstration we got underway.

This poor block can't see much

That's better!

Gently pulling the hair through the holes with a crochet hook.

Keep going until all the head is covered.

Next we mixed the bleach and peroxide using one scoop of bleach to two scoops of peroxide. There goes the maths again!

Make sure the hair is all covered.

Put on a processing cap and wait.

It's starting to lift.

Rinse and  put conditioner on the hair to help ease the cap off.
( but don't suffocate your client! as below)


Blow dry and see the different effects.

We enjoyed that.

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