Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hair chalks and mascaras.

Today we had a challenge with the college block heads, trying  different ways of using temporary chalks and hair mascaras before we try them out on ourselves.

The products we used were from www.hairchalk.co.uk. They have a great range of colours and products.

Click here to go to their website

First of all we blow dried the blocks into a style to take before photos then added the colours in different ways. Here is what we created.

For a subtle result, using the chalks on dry hair and gradually build up until you get the desired look.

Making a contrast by just colouring a section can look good. This was done by twisting the hair as the chalk was applied. As shown in the  Hints and tips  on their website. Giving it an even cover and building the layers of colour up. 

Here is quite a dramatic look using a mixture of chalks and the mascaras. Great for a night out or a special occasion.

Finally a look for volume and curls. Using the hair marscara, building it up on the ends slowly and using the chalks to create a colourful victory rolls at the front.

They washed out of the hair easily by just using warm water too.

Blocks are hard to use so next time  we will try them on ourselves and see what results we get then.


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