Monday, 30 March 2015

The end of weeks 20 to 22

We have been working so hard for these last few weeks we haven't updated what we have learnt.
We we go...

We have done lots of assessments.
Temporary colours
Hand care
More Total looks
Practised our plaiting and twisting
Said goodbye to Ashley.
Did Judo!
How to do the cap
How we use bleach
What we can use it for.
How to do a uniform layer
It's done at a 90 degree angle.
Doing the back is hard. Lots of angles to think about.
Where you stand makes a difference.
We are up to date with our assignments.
Our Maths exam was easy
We did our English reading exam. 
Doing the cap keeps JayLeigh quiet!
We have the dates for our GCSE resits
We saw the solar Eclipse.
Got the biggest unit out of the way! YEAH
Worked on our skills sheets
We had a guest speaker about domestic violence.
We know what to be aware of about it now.
JayLeigh can blow dry quicker now.
Kirsty has good dance moves.
We all know where we are up to.
We know what we have to do to complete.
We are excited about the competition in May
We managed well doing clients who didn't speak English.
We installed WAMedu and we like it!

Have a great Easter everyone!

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