Sunday, 14 June 2015

Meet the stylists now!

At the beginning of the year I asked the new students to write about how they felt about starting the programme. Now they have completed and are ready to start their level twos, I asked them to say how they feel now.



How she was in September

When I first started college I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect. 
Now it has come to the end of level one I am really excited to be starting level two and feel very proud of myself for how much I have achieved in the past few months. I am very confident that I will become a good hairdresser and I have enjoyed learning and taking part in all the different activities we have done.
When I first started I was nervous that I wouldnt get along with the people in my class. We have had our ups and down but after support and team building I now think I have made some very good friends who will probably be my friends for a very long time.
I have also met two amazing teachers in Lisa and Mary, without these two I wouldnt be where I am today!
Thanks to Lisa I have not only learnt how to be a hairdresser but I have also learnt to be a better person. I gave gained many life skills from my time at college and look forward to my future as a professional hairdresser.
If I could gave any advice to someone starting this course I would say.
Always be yourself, keep positive and remember why you are at college. ALWAYS listen to Lisa because she is always right! and if you want to go far... get you head down and concentrate.



And then

I feel that I can now be more confident with myself and I have learnt so much over this last year and feel that I am ready for level two.
I have had so much fun with our class having Lisa as our tutor.

My advice to the new level ones. always remember your uniform and kit, pen and paper for theory lessons. You will learn all the basics and feel ready for starting level two. The life lessons you will learn are to be yourself and not let anyone get in your way of completing your hairdressing course.



And then

I feel like I have learnt a lot over the year and now we have all bonded really well. I wish Lisa and Mary could teach us on level two. We have had so fun having Lisa and Mary as our tutor and helper.

The advice I would give..
You will need to wear your uniform and kit everytime you are in the salon. You will learn the basics of hairdressing and all the skills you will need for level two.

Wow! Look how they have grown. Don't they look like real stylists now. 

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