Saturday, 6 June 2015

Our final teambuilding! Skiing!

Our team building activiies over the year have brought us all together so we thought we would make the last one out of college. 
We went to Ski Rossendale.

Once the boots were on we practised with one ski on then tried with both.
The instructor was so helpful and Alexis our team building leader helped us too. 
Soon we were off!
Great first attempts seen here.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand?

Getting good now. Although we did look like birds flapping our arms about for balance.

And of course, there were falls......

And the backwards skiing!

A bit of timeout and a sunny selfie with our Lisa. Love them glasses!

Sometimes its hard getting back up.

And now... For the big slopes!

Getting to grips with the chair lift was a challenge!

And not everyhting went to plan....

A bit of scream skiing?

A bit of time lapsed skiing

We had a wonderful time.and we are a great team!

Thank you Ski Rossendale and their great instructors 
Take a look yourself at the link below.

Ski Rossendale

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