Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Meet the stylists now. part 2


And now

I feel better now than I did when I started and I have loved it! Lisa has helped me with my work and without her help I wouldnt have managed it.
My advice just keep going on with it! I just wish I had Lisa next year.



And then

At the start of the year I was nervous but now I've got to know everybody and my tutor i jusr don't want the year to end.
I am excited to start next year as I can be open with everyone as we are like a family.
What life lessons have I learnt?
To keep my mouth shut and dont let everyone know your business, then evryone will get on and be happy.
What will the new level ones need?
They wil need positive thoughts, pens, paper, and a big smile!
You also need to make sure you always wear your uniform and bring your kits.


And now

When I started college in September I was really nervous but now I'm not at all. I love my group and hairdressing especially cutting hair.
I will be sad to leave level one but looking forward to doing Level two in September.

Becky W

I started this course later than most in October. I was really nervous but once I had started I really have enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to starting level two and meeting more new people.

Then... So shy she wouldn't have her photo took! 

They all look so much more confident! 

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