Tuesday, 23 June 2015

To my students.....

To my students,

I would like to say a great big thank you to you all. You have made me so proud and given me one of the best years I have had. 
 You came in September as excited but nervous individuals. Most of you wondering how you were going to cope with college life, the assignments, learning the skills and how to deal with new problems when some old ones hadnt yet been dealt with. 
You now leave as mature, confident, sensible (ish) adults that I have become so proud of. You have each followed a personal journey and allowed me to be a part of it.
I wish you all the best for your future plans and with your level two programmes. You will all be great!
Just remember, 
Once your tutor, always your tutor. You know where my staffroom is.

Your tutor


And in the style of the Xfactor

Here's some of your best bits


  1. Ah Lisa I am going to miss my mad lots too, sad times but exciting that they re moving on to bigger things x

    1. Yes it's hard to let them go sometimes.